Great lighting provides a great environment to any setting. Whether it be landscapes, interior, exterior, pool lighting or even security lighting, these aspects of your home are extremely important. Appropriate lighting can transform your home’s appearance and help you feel much safer. What if you could have all these improved features while saving money with low voltage lighting? Professionally installed, beautifully designed, and completely functional lights are the only thing you should expect from our Tulsa lighting experts.

Tulsa Lighting Installation

An incredibly important part for any type of lighting involves professional Tulsa lighting installation. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you’ll want it perfectly installed so that there’s no trouble with the power source, and it’s attractive and artfully arranged. We’ll make sure your lighting is installed to the highest of quality standards.

Tulsa Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the best things you can do for your home’s appearance, and as an added measure, will also raise its resale value. Our Tulsa electricians can provide you with a professional, stunning outdoor lighting design and a quality installation.

It is possible to complete a landscape lighting job on your own. But you’ll be installing small lights with self-contained, limited power sources. You can set these up in an hour or two on your own. But for a professional outdoor lighting job, you’ll need a professional lighting specialist. Our Tulsa lighting experts can give you a masterfully designed landscape lighting scheme that is professionally installed. Each fixture will be connected to a central power source that you’ll have control of from your home.

Tulsa Security Lighting

At Fowler Electric, our Tulsa Electrician understands how important it is for you to keep your home as secure as possible. After analyzing the specific needs of your property, our technicians will design a lighting plan tailored to your home. Through their experienced insight, our technicians may install a number of lighting fixtures such as on the underneath your eaves, on the sides of the house, or designated poles. Keeping in mind motorists and other risks, we’ll shine a light only on the intended parts of your home, so as to not cause limited visibility. With technology such as timers, motion detectors, or photocells, your lights will be used when necessary, preserving as much energy as possible.

Tulsa Low Voltage Lighting

Lighting accounts for around 10-15% of your entire energy costs. So if you’re able to cut back on lighting, you can see huge drops in the amount you pay for electricity each month. Our Tulsa lighting experts provide you with these perks to ensure you save money, be better for the environment, and prolong the life of your bulbs.